Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dim Mak : Releasing new album

Reformed New Jersey death metal band DIM MAK, featuring former members of the legendary RIPPING CORPSE and drummer extraordinaire John Longstreth (ex-ORIGIN, THE RED CHORD, ANGELCORPSE, SKINLESS), will release their new album, "Knives of Ice", on April 25 via Willowtip Records. According to a press release, "Knives of Ice" sets a new standard for unrestrained musicianship that exposes the listener to a myriad of slithery Tetris-defeating rhythms, violent flurries of spitfire blast-beats, exotic, pyramid-melting leads, and infectious vocal lacerations. These elements combine to create an original, fluid songwriting style that actually means something and isn't afraid to flirt with some seriously skullcrushing slap-dash grooves."

"Knives of Ice" track listing:

01. Knives of Ice
02. Seeing Crows in Silver
03. Great Worm of Hell
04. Devil Finding Mirror
05. Incident at the Temple at Leng
06. Notorious Vectors of Disease
07. Weakener
08. Windowpane
09. Perpetuating Corpses
10. Monolith

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