Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vehemence : reunited and working on new material

Arizona-based melodic death metallers VEHEMENCE have issued a statement confirming that they have reunited and are currently working on material for their fourth full-length album. In a posting on their MySpace.com page, the band said, "Well, we had our 'reunion' show [Saturday] night, and it went over extremely well. Thanks to all that showed up. Nathan [Gearhart, vocals] also announced on stage that we are back together, and working on new material... this is true. However, VEHEMENCE is coming back on our own terms, without any label pressures.. We will be doing very little touring, if any, since we are pretty tied into our lives here in Phoenix. We also have other projects going on...

"Mark [Kozuback, bass], Andy [Schroeder, drums], and Bjorn [Dannov, guitar] are currently working on a new band [THE SYMMETRY IN CHAOS] with Connor Woods (ex-ABIGAIL WILLIAMS vocalist) and KC Bradham (guitar, ex-BRIDES OF CHRIST). Nathan also has his other project [HE WHO BINDS HIMSELF] in the vein of extremely brutal death metal. And John's [Chavez, guitar] band [CURSED IN BLACK] that will soon take over the world.

"So to whoever gives a shit, thanks for supporting VEHEMENCE... We hope to get some new tunes up for you to check out soon."

VEHEMENCE called it quits in early October 2005 after getting dropped by Metal Blade Records, the label that released the band's last two full-length efforts, 2002's "God Was Created" and 2004's "Helping the World to See". Three of the group's members eventually joined ABIGAIL WILLIAMS but quit a short time later.

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