Sunday, February 12, 2006

REVIEW: Rise And Fall - Into Obilivion

If there existed mobs which would be involved in killing trends, these four individuals would be among the top of the business. This is no-nonsense, clenched-fist, furious hardcore. Ten songs, thirty minutes of rage is what you get here. The sound of this album is uncompromisingly hard. Bulldozing from one song into the next, you'll get what you bargained for if you've bought this record. I'm not going to name names or put into categories. This is Rise And Fall, this is a pummeling kick in the teeth. The guitar grinds with a capital 'G', the bass is gut-crunching, the drums hit the spot every time and the singer is very, VERY angry to say the least.
Be on the lookout when these four people come to your town. I can assure you they bring along this attitude when they hit the stage, and then some.
Songs I enjoy the most are 'into oblivion' and 'lost among the lost'. Pissed off and looking for a record to scream along to in your car or room? Then get this one. I know I was relaxed after 30 minutes of Rise And Fall.

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