Sunday, February 12, 2006

REVIEW: Neuraxis - Trilateral Progression

Blame Canada...for having brilliant bands.
Seriously, take a look at Cryptopsy, Kataklysm, Into Eternity, Martyr, Gorguts and the likes. Add Neuraxis to that bunch and you've got something to kick some ass with.
Again it's the Willowtip-people - brilliant people! -, who signed this band. Will there ever come an end to their follow-up of unique bands? I hope not!
For about thirty seconds, we are gently welcomed into the Neuraxis-universe. And then, abruptly, we get sucked into the musical equivalent of the cyclone that is Neuraxis. Blasting its way into your ears, the album twists and turns and rarely takes prisoners. Be prepared for plenty of breaks, rythm-changes and speed-bursts. Luckily, the furious five did not forget to include some melody in their compositions. Avid Death-fans should take a look into this one, as the melo-parts are close to the ones their number one band produced. Although this record can be classified under 'technical progressive death', the songs are fairly easy to get into, which is a talent where Neuraxis should be proud of. This album is without a doubt Neuraxis' best.
Best song, in my opinion, is 'shatter the wisdom'. Contender for 'riff-of-the-year'. Dig it.

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