Sunday, February 12, 2006

REVIEW: Dark Fortress - Seance

Have you ever wanted to break into an old, abandoned house at night for the sheer kick of it? And if you already did, ever wanted to summon up a ghost while you were standing there? Alone, in the dark confines of a home where, maybe, someone died in mysterious circumstances? Alone, trying to catch what the whispering voices behind you were trying to say?
Too much of a wussy to go through all this? Then buy this record. Why? Because it's the same, actually. If you want a good scare but are too lazy or chicken to visit the nearest haunted house (everyone has 'em), put on your headphones, close the shutters, kill the lights and enjoy the ride.
Dark Fortress have accomplished their mission: to record an album that combines the olden day-grittyness with the presentation of modern black metal. This results in an epic journey where you find yourself in places where you would never dare to go in real life. It's up to your fantasy to decide what those places are, but they're not happy ones, for sure.
No matter in what direction they travel, Dark Fortress is excellent in what they present. But it's particularly the speedy bits where we experience the majesty of Dark Fortress. Add to this a multitude of ambient ('incide'), slow bits filled with weird and undefineable noises and sounds and you've got a cocktail of haunted horrificness. This is the way black metal should be played. Perfect!

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