Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Enslaved : Interview with Ivar on Rock Hard DVD

During the kickoffparty for the Infernofestival, Rock Hard had an interview with Ivar. Apart from that they also filmed the kickoff, where over 40 musicians in different lineups from various Norwegian bands played 16 coversongs from Slayer, Iron Maiden, Sepultura, Sodom, Destruction, Venom, King Diamond etc. Cato handled the drums on "Where Eagles Dare" with Iron Maiden and "Dead Skin Mask" with Slayer. Check out the DVD in the April-issue of Rock Hard from Germany!

"Ruun" in its final stage

"Ruun" is almost ready! The final mixes are being made at this very moment in Propeller Studio in Oslo. The band produces the album themselves, with Mike Hartung as leader of the pack. Mastering will take place in Sweden immedeatly after the mix is finished.
Later in February the band will make not one, but two videos from "Ruun".

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