Saturday, February 18, 2006

Belphegor : back from Moscow

Helmuth comments:
Well, we just came back from 4 very intense days. Our live debut in Moscow and Kiev were just a fukkin hellride, this shows seriously kicked our asses.
Thanx for support and hospitality to all the guys, that were involved to bring BELPHEGOR over. Especially to Peter, Alexey, Sergey, Dmitry and Gerd/Soundman. We visited the Rote Platz, Hinrichtungsstädte and the Kreml, the temperature was around -20 degrees celsius.

Also total death hails to the banging demons that showed up at the venues and screamed their lungs out. We can't wait to blast you all once again, total respect and see ya soon
. Some images from the event in Moscow you will find here - click!

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