Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Necrophobic : Inked deal with Regain Records

Swedish death/thrash metallers Necrophobic have inked a deal with Regain Records for the release of their fifth album, entitled 'Hrimthursum'. The follow-up to 2002's 'Bloodhymns' is being recorded at the Dark Voodoo Studio with engineers Anders Bentell and Fredrik Folkare (guitarist and producer of Unleashed) and is tentatively due later in the year.

'Hrimthursum' (a word taken from the old Norse mythology which means 'The Frost Giants') will feature the following track listing (in no particular order):

01. Slaughter of Baby Jesus
02. Branded by Light, Enlightened by Darkness
03. Eternal Winter
04. The Crossing
05. I Strike with Wrath
06. Vril
07. Sitra Ahra
08. Bitter Cold Blizzard
09. Serpents (Beneath the Forest of the Dead)
10. Age Of Chaos
11. Death Immaculate
12. Black Hate

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