Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Morbid Angel : Live video with Phil Anselmo on vocals

There is currently a rare live video of ex-PANTERA frontman Phil Anselmo singing with MORBID ANGEL and performing the classic 'Day Of Suffering' from 2001 at this location. Anselmo is still recovering from back surgery he underwent in November last year, but is continuing to work on several musical projects, some of which may see the light of day later in the year.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Gorefest : 2 audio interviews

JC speaks... and never stops

Here are 2 audio interviews that JC did for the US release of La Muerte.



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Marduk : European tour set for May

Marduk have decided to do the European crusade during May instead of March, due to the fact that most of March will be spent completing the upcoming dvd. But a few Greece shows have been announced for late March, check tour section for dates.

The dvd release have been set for the middle of May. All details regarding the dvd will be presented very soon.

We would like to thank everybody who sent in photos of their Marduk related tattoos, keep sending them in and do send any other fan related photos, for example if you have a painted jacket with Marduk motive or something like that. All contributions will be included in a fan gallery on the upcoming dvd.
Here is the adress of where to mail the pictures.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Pleurisy : Experience The Sacrilege available for download

While Pleurisy is working on their new album, an old one is available for download as MP3. Download Experience The Sacrilege (2000) now for free form their website or use this link to have it all zipped together.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Severe Torture : Video clip available

Hold onto your stomach lining as the new video from Severe Torture 'Decree Of Darkness' is now available for viewing online.
A guaranteed gore extravaganza, the video's low budget horror style has already caught the attention of notorious sickos Troma Pictures who will be including the video on a forthcoming DVD. Check it out for yourself right here, but be warned, this one is definitely not for the faint hearted!

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Necrophobic : Inked deal with Regain Records

Swedish death/thrash metallers Necrophobic have inked a deal with Regain Records for the release of their fifth album, entitled 'Hrimthursum'. The follow-up to 2002's 'Bloodhymns' is being recorded at the Dark Voodoo Studio with engineers Anders Bentell and Fredrik Folkare (guitarist and producer of Unleashed) and is tentatively due later in the year.

'Hrimthursum' (a word taken from the old Norse mythology which means 'The Frost Giants') will feature the following track listing (in no particular order):

01. Slaughter of Baby Jesus
02. Branded by Light, Enlightened by Darkness
03. Eternal Winter
04. The Crossing
05. I Strike with Wrath
06. Vril
07. Sitra Ahra
08. Bitter Cold Blizzard
09. Serpents (Beneath the Forest of the Dead)
10. Age Of Chaos
11. Death Immaculate
12. Black Hate

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PSYCROPTIC : new MP3 available

Following a successful support of the latest BEHEMOTH Aussie tour, PSYCROPTIC have released a second MP3 from their forthcoming album entitled 'Symbols Of Failure'. Download the track 'Epoch of the Gods' from Neurotic Records here.

Psycroptic will be embarking on a headlining Australian album launch tour that will see the band play Melbourne, Geelong, Adelaide, Perth, Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This will start mid Feburary and exact dates, venues and lineups will be announced soon.

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IMMOLATION : New Tour Dates Confirmed

IMMOLATION have issued the following update via their website

“Well it has been awhile hasn't it??!! It seems I still have a pulse, so time to get going this New Year!! Thank you to Krystal Terepocki, Warlord Nebiros, and Kirby Unrest for some great photos. Extra special thanks to Marcin Krzyszczyk for his awesome support of EF.

Updates: photos, new tour dates, links, etc. If you find a broken link, please report them to me. Any contributions are definitely welcome!! More changes to come, so thanks for your patience. If you have sent me something to post, it will be up in about one week.”

Upcoming Immolation tour dates (with CRYPTOPSY, EXODUS) currently include:

18 - Los Angeles, CA at L.A. Murderfest

27 - West Springfield, VA at Jaxx
28 - Poughkeepsie, NY at The Chance
29 - Worcester, MA at Palladium
30 - New York, NY at B.B. King’s

2 - Montreal, QC at Venue TBA
3 - Toronto, ON at Venue TBA

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Monday, January 16, 2006

ATHEIST : Reunite For Upcoming Festival Appearances

Technical metal pioneers ATHEIST have regrouped for a run of exclusive live performances. Guitarist/vocalist Kelly Schaefer has reassembled what is widely considered the bands classic recording lineup (Schaefer, guitarist Rand Burkey, bassist Tony Choy, and drummer Steven Flynn) for two exclusive festival performances; Italy's Evolution Festival and Germany's Wacken Open Air.

Schaefer comments, "We're very excited to be able to get back on the stage and play these insane tunes hit the air again the proper way with Flynn, Burkey and Choy. It's going to be very exciting and something not to be missed!."

Atheist will take part on Evolution Festival (scheduled for July 16 and 17 in Brescia, Italy) and Wacken Open Air (scheduled for August 3-5 in Schleswig Holstein, Germany). These will be the first in a series of exclusive festival performances announced. Shaefer continuess, "We would like to make a great festival run this year and expose as many as possible to the music we lived and died for. Many thanks to the Evolution Festival and Wacken for helping to give many people who never got to see Atheist live a chance to see us one last time. This is our chance to make the music we worked so hard to create come alive one last time, and we guarantee that it will not disappoint."

Atheist has recently had it's influential catalog (1988's Piece Of Time, 1993's Elements, and the 1991's legendary Unquestionable Presence) reissued internationally via Relapse Records.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

GORGOROTH : Infernus Cleared Of Rape Charge

GORGOROTH guitarist Infernus was convicted of aggravated sexual assault but was cleared of the more serious rape charge by a Norwegian court on Monday.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Belphegor , Hate Eternal : European dates announced

BELPHEGOR and HATE ETERNAL will join forces for dates in Europe, beginning in late April, according to the Belphegor website.

Prior to the tour Belphegor will play two dates on the No Mercy Festivals tour, with Hate Eternal and CANNIBAL CORPSE.

Upcoming Belphegor live dates currently include:

No Mercy Festivals Tour

16 - Antwerpen, Belgium at Hof Ter Loo
17 - Tilburg, Netherlands at 013

With Hate Eternal - European Tour

19 - Flensburg, Germany at Roxy
20 - Kopenhagen, Denmark at The Rock
25 - Prag, Czech Republic at Black Pez P
30 - Milano, Italy at Transilvania Live

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Bolt Thrower : Shows selling out

UK death metallers BOLT THROWER have posted the following message at their official website:

"The first few dates of the tour have been sold out so unfortunately a lot of people have been unable to get into the shows. To anyone coming to any of the future shows it is advisable to check with the venues before travelling to make sure there are still tickets available. Cheers."

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Abigail Williams : supporting Emperor

Phoenix, Arizona-based "symphonic melodic death metal" band ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, featuring three ex-members of VEHEMENCE, will be supporting legendary Norwegian black metallers EMPEROR on Monday, July 17 at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, California. Also appearing on the bill will be GOATWHORE.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS describe their sound as "very epic and extremely visual but with a touch of reality as well. Expect metallic melodious soundscapes that push the boundaries of the genre in every direction, with vocals and lyrics done pure with honesty, and instrumentation composed with passion methodically."

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS are currently negotiating a record deal with a few reputable companies and will annouce their new label home shortly.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Gorgoroth : Infernus taken to court

Found this on the official Gorgoroth site

Infernus has been taken to court on charges of kidnapping, participation in gang rape and illegal weapon possession. With exception of admitting some minor violations of Norwegian fire arm regulations he has declared himself not guilty. More info will follow in a few days.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dissection : announcing third studio album

The title is hereby announced for the long anticipated third DISSECTION Studio Album, "REINKAOS",
to be released Spring 2006 through the bands own label Black Horizon Music. Official release date to be announced soon.

The Ritualistic and Black Magical work on "REINKAOS", which has taken 11 years to conduct as well as 11 months in the recording studio, has in the long hard road to manifestation been steadily accompanied with constant struggle, internal and external turbulence, Occult practice, murder sentences, scandals, Satanic crime, media boycott and censorship, violence, Death and Chaos. After all… "REINKAOS" is now finally to be unleashed!

"We have invested our souls in this album, gone through fire and brimstone to make everything work", says singer and guitarist Jon Nodtveidt.

Black Horizon Music will also re-release the bands back catalogue including the Classics
"The Somberlain" and "Storm of the Light's Bane".

A documentary film about DISSECTION is currently in the making.

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Mystic Circle : track list revealed

track list

1.Psalm of the end (intro)
2.The bloody path of god
3.Doomsday prophecy
4.Nine plagues of Egypt
5.The grim reaper (intro)
6.The grim reaper
7.Riders of the apocalypse
9.Church of sacrifice
10.The forgotten
11.Unholy terror
12.Memento mori(outro)
13.Bonus track: Circle of the tyrants (Celtic Frost cover)

There's also a video available here.

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Norther : New song posted online

A brand-new NORTHER track, entitled "Evil Ladies", has been posted online. The song comes off the group's upcoming CD, "Till Death Unites Us", due on January 25, 2006 via Spinefarm Records. A single, "Scream", will precede the album on January 11.

"Till Death Unites Us" track listing (in no particular order):

01. Scream
02. Throwing My Life Away
03. The End of Our Lives
04. Evil Ladies
05. Drowning
06. Die
07. Everything
08. Alone In the End
09. Norther
10. Omen
11. Fuck You
12. Wasted Years

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