Friday, December 02, 2005

Venom : title set for new album

British black metal pioneers VENOM have set "Metal Black" as the title of their new studio album, due in March 2006 via Castle Records/Sanctuary Group.

According to an official press release, "Metal Black" "sees original founder band member Cronos creating a new masterpiece of metal together with [drummer] Antton and [guitarist] Mykvs. With 14 brand new roaring and vital tracks, VENOM are again taking the goat by the horns and reinventing their own original style . . . 'Metal Black' [is] an album that harkens back to the writing style of the '80s VENOM with a powerful production to incinerate any sound system, truly demonic in every sense and with the delivery of a charging beast."

Commented Mykvs: "The album has a very raw feel. The intensity of the songs is awesome. We recorded the album as a live band, three demons bleeding for the heaviest metal we could create, and our new album will show that VENOM keeps getting stronger and heavier. Lay down your souls, muthafuckers, we have returned."

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