Saturday, December 10, 2005

Torture Killer : signs to Metalblade Records

Metal Blade Records is happy to announce the signing of TORTURE KILLER from Finland! TORTURE KILLER features Chris Barnes of SIX FEET UNDER fame on vocals!

Lets have a word from the band about all this:

" Well, we never would’ve expected where we would stand with this band in 2005 when we first started playing together under the name of TORTURE KILLER. A lot of the interviews we did to promote the debut album "For Maggots To Devour" asked if we knew what the SIX FEET UNDER guys and especially Chris Barnes thought about us. After all, the link between us and his work with 6FU is more than obvious. Truthfully, we kinda wondered that ourselves as well. Well, now we know.

Chris contacted us last October (2004) with a very supportive and friendly note. The name TORTURE KILLER caught his attention and was intrigued enough to check us out - finding us in the difficult situation we were at with the line up. Now, we are proud to announce him as the new TORTURE KILLER vocalist and that he will be handling the vocals on "Swarm!" - the renamed 2nd album. Here’s what he has to say about it:

I’m very happy to announce that I have joined the band TORTURE KILLER full time. These guys are some of the best musicians I have ever been involved with, and I am 100% intent on using all my resources and energy to help propel this band to the top of the death metal food chain. I am extremely pleased with the songs we’ve put together for the cd ‘Swarm!’, and I can’t wait to get out on tour with the band and kill every one of you sick fuckers!!! See you soon.' - Barnes

With a back catalogue including death metal classics such as "Butchered At Birth", "Tomb Of The Mutilated", "The Bleeding", "Haunted" and "Maximum Violence" it is obvious that the eyes of death metal fans will be on us - in good and bad.

We are also happy and proud to announce that we are now signed to the legendary Metal Blade Records. The basic tracks for "Swarm!" were recorded way back in January 2005, Chris did his vocals at The Hit Factory, Florida in May/June with Chris Carroll and the album was mixed and mastered by Chris and Erik Rutan on October. Not only that, the cover artwork is done by our favorite artist Wes Benscoter (covers for such bands as MORTICIAN and VEHEMENCE) who gave the album the visual impact it needed.


Chris Barnes - Vocals
Jari Laine - Guitars
Tuomas Karppinen - Guitars
Kim Torniainen - Bass
Tuomo Latvala - Drums

Swarm!” will be released on the 24th of February, 2006 via Metal Blade Records in Europe (on the 21st of February in Germany)!

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