Tuesday, December 06, 2005

REVIEW: Arsebreed - Munching The Rotten

'Stabbed in the arse', 'Impregnated while giving birth', 'Rectal vomit',...

I guess you know what to expect when you read these songtitles.
Right...an unhealthy dose of unrelenting, US-style brutal death metal. There are a lot of bands trying to get this kind of shit right, but many fail to get the job done. However, with these dutch dudes, there is hope. With this album, Arsebreed (love the name!) have created an ugly (can't say beautiful, can i?) piece of work combining all elements which make this kind of music work: blasting drums, over-the-top riffing, guttural vocals and disgusting lyrics. All of this dipped in a crystal-clear (could use a little bit more bass though) production.
Maybe it's good to know that the vocals are done by Joey of Pyaemia and Robbe K from Disavowed. Quality assured. What i can't say is that the guys in Arsebreed are delivering something new. It' s been done before, of course. But if US-style brutal death would be a major course in university, they would have graduated...first of the class.
Fans of this style should get this...NOW!

Homepage : Arsebreed

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