Thursday, December 29, 2005

REVIEW: Akercocke - Words that go unspoken, deeds that go undone

What we have here is an outstanding record. That much is clear. I expected Akercocke to further fine-tune their specific style and they succeeded without a doubt. I cannot put a tag on this lot, because it simply is impossible. What other bands combine these, so very different, elements to form a unique whole?
Right, only this one.
The album starts off with a, seemingly, full-on death metal track. But change is bound to come soon enough when the song twists its neck and your ears into a very different direction, thus indicating the path that this album will be walking for the rest of the spin.
If you do not bend with it, you'll be sure to break and be left unsatisfied. However, this album is worth every effort and every damn minute of it.
This is the only death metal band to mix brutality with mellowness. And getting away with it. The only thing that disturbs me are the clean-singing-parts which, sometimes, are slightly out of tune. Given Akercocke is a hard working band, i'm sure they'll get rid of that tiny mistake by the time the next album comes out.
To my surprise, the package also contained a dvd with a very serious interview by a top-critic in the metal-scene. Hilarious stuff. Monthy Python, anyone?

To those of you with open minds, get this album. It is well worth your money.

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