Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pyaemia : decided to pull the plug

As found on the Pyaemia webpage

As you probably all know, Pyaemia has been out of the running for over a year now because of Robbert's wrist injury. Some of you may have guessed we are not willing to work with anybody else but Robbert and thus have no way to go on for the moment and most likely for quite some time to come, if we even will at all in the future. Our tenth anniversary has actually come and gone without us being able to enjoy it the only way we would want to... On stage...

Today, due to a lack of any progress whatsoever in Robbert's recovery we have decided to pull the plug on Pyaemia.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans, friends (both on and off stage) and all the people we have worked with.

You will probably find some of us popping up in side projects or other bands since Pyaemia may have perished, our love for brutal music has not. Be sure to check:

- Arsebreed (with Joel and former bass-player Frank).

Brutal greetings,
on behalf of a sad Pyaemia crew,
signing out,

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