Thursday, December 01, 2005

Melechesh : new drummer

Israel's black/thrash metal combo MELECHESH have announced the addition of drummer Xul (THANATOS, ABODE OF THE BLESSED, LIAR OF GOLGOTHA) to the group's ranks. "Xul is a tremendously talented drummer with outstanding technical ability," founding member Ashmedi said in a statement. MELECHESH have been working on new material with Xul for the last year. Prior to joining MELECHESH on a full-time basis, Xul performed with the band at various gigs and festivals where he proved his drumming capabilities by offering flawless and exceptional performances. Commented Xul: "I am honored to finally be part of this cult. Playing with MELECHESH is an enriching experience both on a musical and on an ideological level."

Homepage : Melechesh

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