Monday, December 19, 2005

Malevolent Creation : Brett Hoffman rejoined for European tour

I wanted to tell you is that Kyle has just announced that he can't do the tour in europe with us due to personal reasons and instead of canceling another tour because of Kyle and his personal problems we have contacted original vocalist Brett Hoffman to do the tour and he accepted our offer and is flying down to Florida next week to rehearse with the band until we leave in Jan 3rd. We simply cannot keep canceling tours because of Kyle and let down our fans and the promoters and booking agent's who spend a lot of time and money on these tours.We cannot afford to lose our credibility as a touring band so this is how it has to be if we wish to continue!!!!
This is really great news for a lot of fans and also marks the return of the original 4 band members(me.Jon Rubin,Jason Blachowicz and Brett Hoffman)together for the first time since our first european tours in 1991 and 1994 with this line up.If all goes well on this tour we may replace Kyle with Brett and finish writing and recording our 10th album and then do a massive world tour for the next 2 years!!!!
No One Can Destroy This Malevolent Creation!!!!!!


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