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Interview : Arsebreed (Daniel)

Arsebreed - the interview.

1.The bandname, the album cover, the songs and their titles . all in perfect symbiosis. Which one of you came up with the name? Who did the artwork?

Hey Wazzap!!! First of al thanx for this interview. Arsebreed and it's "Filosophy" was created by us all to see how in an experimental way we could survive all the cliche's in Deathmetal by trying to stand out in a musical manner. I guess that worked out pretty well. The "Cliche" Artwork was done by me. You like that gory gay stuff???

2.I saw the trailers on your website. Seems like you all have a good time rehearsing.Is having fun first priority in Arsebreed? Or is musical virtuosity your most important goal?

Haha! Of course our music is the most important stuff! But i think you
can't do that that without a little fun involved.

3.How do the songs come together? Is there one main songwriter or do all the guys have a part in them?

The songs on the album are mainly written by me, except the first and the last song on the album,they were written by Pranger. But in the end we all added some of our own musical creativity to make it all fit right. And i'm very pleased everyone did. It makes it more "our" project instead of just "mine".

4.I can imagine there have been quite a few laughs during rehearsals when lyrics are being read. Whose sick mind is responsible for the lyrics?

It's just our sense of humour. So we all influenced eachother by writing some ridiculus lyrics, but eventualy Joey wrote the "Gory" lyrics and Robbe K wrote some "weird-twisted" lyrics. It worked out just fine.

5.Describe the Arsebreed live-feel. What's your aim when playing live?

Trying to sound just like on CD. That's the main goal. That's what people want to see in bands i guess.

6.Recently, I've read that Pyaemia called it a day. I was really bummed because I was really waiting for some new material. How are things with Disavowed? Any sign of new songs or album?

Yeah, we are all very disapointed by their decision. But you have to accept it, right? Disavowed is doing ok, i guess. We allready have about 7 song finished now. We are working with a temporary replacement (Dirk from Despondency) now and it's working out quite well. We still have to work hard to achieve the level we had with
Robbe V, but we're taking the time that's necessary. We're planning to do a new album next year. Let's see if we are up to that then.

7.Who and/or what are big inspirations for Arsebreed?

Well, i'm into Deathmetal for almost 15 years now, and i guess i've been inspired by a lot of bands those years. Influenced by bands like Suffocation, Gorefest, Immolation, Kreator, Morbid Angel, Deicide,Cannibal Corpse, Pestilence and Death in the early nineties. Nowadays i'mnot that much influenced by those bands anymore, but they sure as hell put in a basis of the style i'm playing now. They tought me to put in a lot of fury and creativity into music, and that's what my style has become. Bands that i really like today are bands like Deeds of Flesh, Pyaemia, Decrepit Birth, Massmurder, Disgorge (US), you know, the more US-style orientaded bands. That's my cup a tea!

8.Are there any touring plans? Belgium, Europe, US, Bahama's, .?

Yep, there are some plans, but i can't tell anything yet about that,because it's not 100% confirmed, but i can asure you we're gonna unleash hell in Europe next year!!!

9.What is the advantage/disadvantage in working with two singers?

The're no disadvantages with two singers. I like the diversity and the dubbel voices. One thing we can bring to a live audience!

10.Does Arsebreed have a message to spread with their music and lyrics? If so, what would that message be?

No Lyrical messages. Judge us by our music.

11.If you have the opportunity (read: money) to put together thé perfect show, what bands would you invite?

See question number 7

12.What's the most important thing on Arsebreed's rider at gigs?

Play neat! Give the people that show up on a gig worth their money.

13.Who's the sickest guy in Arsebreed?

I guess that would be Bob Cock..........haha!

14.What about these things:

- Donuts :
"Sugar spiced anus"..??
- Cops : well, some people have to do the dirty work.....yeah..
- Balkenende (the dude who runs your country): "Harry Rotter"
- Beer : Not on a tour.
- Nazi's : I guess i didn't pay that much attention in History class...
- Metal : Underground!

15.Famous last words?

Thanx again and keep the music twisted!

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