Thursday, December 29, 2005

Interview : Arsebreed (Daniel)

Arsebreed - the interview.

1.The bandname, the album cover, the songs and their titles . all in perfect symbiosis. Which one of you came up with the name? Who did the artwork?

Hey Wazzap!!! First of al thanx for this interview. Arsebreed and it's "Filosophy" was created by us all to see how in an experimental way we could survive all the cliche's in Deathmetal by trying to stand out in a musical manner. I guess that worked out pretty well. The "Cliche" Artwork was done by me. You like that gory gay stuff???

2.I saw the trailers on your website. Seems like you all have a good time rehearsing.Is having fun first priority in Arsebreed? Or is musical virtuosity your most important goal?

Haha! Of course our music is the most important stuff! But i think you
can't do that that without a little fun involved.

3.How do the songs come together? Is there one main songwriter or do all the guys have a part in them?

The songs on the album are mainly written by me, except the first and the last song on the album,they were written by Pranger. But in the end we all added some of our own musical creativity to make it all fit right. And i'm very pleased everyone did. It makes it more "our" project instead of just "mine".

4.I can imagine there have been quite a few laughs during rehearsals when lyrics are being read. Whose sick mind is responsible for the lyrics?

It's just our sense of humour. So we all influenced eachother by writing some ridiculus lyrics, but eventualy Joey wrote the "Gory" lyrics and Robbe K wrote some "weird-twisted" lyrics. It worked out just fine.

5.Describe the Arsebreed live-feel. What's your aim when playing live?

Trying to sound just like on CD. That's the main goal. That's what people want to see in bands i guess.

6.Recently, I've read that Pyaemia called it a day. I was really bummed because I was really waiting for some new material. How are things with Disavowed? Any sign of new songs or album?

Yeah, we are all very disapointed by their decision. But you have to accept it, right? Disavowed is doing ok, i guess. We allready have about 7 song finished now. We are working with a temporary replacement (Dirk from Despondency) now and it's working out quite well. We still have to work hard to achieve the level we had with
Robbe V, but we're taking the time that's necessary. We're planning to do a new album next year. Let's see if we are up to that then.

7.Who and/or what are big inspirations for Arsebreed?

Well, i'm into Deathmetal for almost 15 years now, and i guess i've been inspired by a lot of bands those years. Influenced by bands like Suffocation, Gorefest, Immolation, Kreator, Morbid Angel, Deicide,Cannibal Corpse, Pestilence and Death in the early nineties. Nowadays i'mnot that much influenced by those bands anymore, but they sure as hell put in a basis of the style i'm playing now. They tought me to put in a lot of fury and creativity into music, and that's what my style has become. Bands that i really like today are bands like Deeds of Flesh, Pyaemia, Decrepit Birth, Massmurder, Disgorge (US), you know, the more US-style orientaded bands. That's my cup a tea!

8.Are there any touring plans? Belgium, Europe, US, Bahama's, .?

Yep, there are some plans, but i can't tell anything yet about that,because it's not 100% confirmed, but i can asure you we're gonna unleash hell in Europe next year!!!

9.What is the advantage/disadvantage in working with two singers?

The're no disadvantages with two singers. I like the diversity and the dubbel voices. One thing we can bring to a live audience!

10.Does Arsebreed have a message to spread with their music and lyrics? If so, what would that message be?

No Lyrical messages. Judge us by our music.

11.If you have the opportunity (read: money) to put together thé perfect show, what bands would you invite?

See question number 7

12.What's the most important thing on Arsebreed's rider at gigs?

Play neat! Give the people that show up on a gig worth their money.

13.Who's the sickest guy in Arsebreed?

I guess that would be Bob Cock..........haha!

14.What about these things:

- Donuts :
"Sugar spiced anus"..??
- Cops : well, some people have to do the dirty work.....yeah..
- Balkenende (the dude who runs your country): "Harry Rotter"
- Beer : Not on a tour.
- Nazi's : I guess i didn't pay that much attention in History class...
- Metal : Underground!

15.Famous last words?

Thanx again and keep the music twisted!

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REVIEW: Akercocke - Words that go unspoken, deeds that go undone

What we have here is an outstanding record. That much is clear. I expected Akercocke to further fine-tune their specific style and they succeeded without a doubt. I cannot put a tag on this lot, because it simply is impossible. What other bands combine these, so very different, elements to form a unique whole?
Right, only this one.
The album starts off with a, seemingly, full-on death metal track. But change is bound to come soon enough when the song twists its neck and your ears into a very different direction, thus indicating the path that this album will be walking for the rest of the spin.
If you do not bend with it, you'll be sure to break and be left unsatisfied. However, this album is worth every effort and every damn minute of it.
This is the only death metal band to mix brutality with mellowness. And getting away with it. The only thing that disturbs me are the clean-singing-parts which, sometimes, are slightly out of tune. Given Akercocke is a hard working band, i'm sure they'll get rid of that tiny mistake by the time the next album comes out.
To my surprise, the package also contained a dvd with a very serious interview by a top-critic in the metal-scene. Hilarious stuff. Monthy Python, anyone?

To those of you with open minds, get this album. It is well worth your money.

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Ribspreader : releasing new album in early 2006

Swedish old-school death metal band RIBSPREADER will be releasing their as-yet-untitled new album in early 2006 on the Malaysian label Summers End Records. The CD, which was mastered by Dan Swano (EDGE OF SANITY, BLOODBATH, PAN THY MONIUM), will feature the following 10 tracks:

01. Church of the Zombie
02. Inquisitor Deluxe
03. Priest Eater
04. In The Butcherhole
05. Deathsong
06. The Undead World
07. Gutting a Nun
08. Zombie Reign
09. Enter Judgement Day
10. Afterworld Ashes (outro)

The album shall be released in a strictly limited edition of 600 copies worldwide in special deluxe gatefold packaging similar to a smaller-sized version of the vinyl record gatefold sleeve.
In addition, the label has planned to include a quality embroidered logo patch and stickers. Possible additions include a poster as well as individual CD sleeves, which will carry exclusive and different designs on multiples of 200 copies (i.e. 3 different designs for the complete 600 copies). More details will follow.

RIBSPREADER has also planned a split 7" release with Machetazo and "Rotten Rhythms and Rancid Rants", which is a collection of demos/rehearsals/promo material, out on Obliteration Records December 2005.

RIBSPREADER's sophomore album, "Congregating the Sick", was released in May 2005 via Holland's Karmageddon Media. The follow-up to 2004's "Bolted to the Cross" was recorded at Soundlab Studios in Orebro, Sweden by Mieszko Talarczyk (NASUM, ROTTEN SOUND, INSISION). The album was mastered at The Room by Dan Swano.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Legion : Lineup change

Found this on The Legion website

After a long search we have finally found a new vocalist for the LEGION. He's name is Kjetil Hektoen and he's also known for his participation in Crest of Darkness and Enthral. We have already started to work on material for a third album together with Kjetil and we believe that his contribution to the band will increase the quality in our music on many levels. A big thanks goes out to all the people that has auditioned for us or sent us vocal material.

Secondly, we want to announce the departure of our bassist Lars Martinsson. Lars has decided to leave the band to continue with his studies. We wish him the best of luck and thank him for all the years of dedication to the band. Kristoffer Andersson from Sargatanas Reign will be filling in for Lars as a session member.

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Pyaemia : decided to pull the plug

As found on the Pyaemia webpage

As you probably all know, Pyaemia has been out of the running for over a year now because of Robbert's wrist injury. Some of you may have guessed we are not willing to work with anybody else but Robbert and thus have no way to go on for the moment and most likely for quite some time to come, if we even will at all in the future. Our tenth anniversary has actually come and gone without us being able to enjoy it the only way we would want to... On stage...

Today, due to a lack of any progress whatsoever in Robbert's recovery we have decided to pull the plug on Pyaemia.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our fans, friends (both on and off stage) and all the people we have worked with.

You will probably find some of us popping up in side projects or other bands since Pyaemia may have perished, our love for brutal music has not. Be sure to check:

- Arsebreed (with Joel and former bass-player Frank).

Brutal greetings,
on behalf of a sad Pyaemia crew,
signing out,

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Krisiun : Assassination release date

Century Media Records has set a February 21, 2006 release date for the new album from Brazilian death metal outfit KRISIUN, entitled "AssassiNation". Also due on out the same day is KRISIUN's "Live Armageddon" DVD.

After recording two albums in their native country, the trio went back to Stage One Studios in Bühne, Germany to work with Andy Classen — the same winning team responsible for 2000's "Conquerors Of Armageddon".

Commented KRISIUN drummer Max Kolesne: "'AssassiNation' is the heaviest album we have ever done. I can assure you that it was a top quality recording at Stage One Studios, this album captures all the fury and brutality of the band's live performances and it's also a great combination of heaviness and precision that we never had on our albums before."

KRISIUN have announced their first tour in support of "AssassiNation". Headlined by metal veterans MORBID ANGEL, "The Monsters Of Chaos Tour" also features BEHEMOTH and DESPISED ICON. The trek will kick off April 2 at Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Malevolent Creation : Brett Hoffman rejoined for European tour

I wanted to tell you is that Kyle has just announced that he can't do the tour in europe with us due to personal reasons and instead of canceling another tour because of Kyle and his personal problems we have contacted original vocalist Brett Hoffman to do the tour and he accepted our offer and is flying down to Florida next week to rehearse with the band until we leave in Jan 3rd. We simply cannot keep canceling tours because of Kyle and let down our fans and the promoters and booking agent's who spend a lot of time and money on these tours.We cannot afford to lose our credibility as a touring band so this is how it has to be if we wish to continue!!!!
This is really great news for a lot of fans and also marks the return of the original 4 band members(me.Jon Rubin,Jason Blachowicz and Brett Hoffman)together for the first time since our first european tours in 1991 and 1994 with this line up.If all goes well on this tour we may replace Kyle with Brett and finish writing and recording our 10th album and then do a massive world tour for the next 2 years!!!!
No One Can Destroy This Malevolent Creation!!!!!!


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Decapitated : Vocalist did not quit

Earache Records has issued a statement rejecting rumors that vocalist Adrian "Covan" Kowanek (ex-ATROPHIA RED SUN) has left Polish death metallers DECAPITATED. "Covan will be joining DECAPITATED in January for their second U.S. tour in as many months, this time supporting NILE, and is fully committed to the band's plans to promote their forthcoming album, 'Organic Halucinosis', [to be] released on Earache on February 13th, 2006," the statement reads.

In the same statement, Earache confirmed the departure of bassist Martin from DECAPITATED's ranks. "No reasons have so far been given for the split," the statement adds.

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

No Mercy Festivals : first bands and dates announced

CANNIBAL CORPSE, FINNTROLL, KATAKLYSM and LEGION OF THE DAMNED will be teaming up for the No Mercy Festivals 2006 European tour beginning in early April. The dates are as follows:

Apr. 04 - Essen, GER @ Zeche Carl
Apr. 05 - Ludwigsburg, GER @ Rockfabrik
Apr. 06 - Berlin, GER @ Fritz
Apr. 07 - Glauchau, GER @ Alte Spinnerei
Apr. 08 - Prague, CZR @ Abaton Club
Apr. 09 - Wien, AUT @ Planet Music
Apr. 10 - Munich, GER @ Backstage
Apr. 11 - Pratteln, SWI @ Z7
Apr. 12 - Strasbourg, FRA @ La Laiterie
Apr. 15 - Paris, FRA @ La Locomotive
Apr. 16 - Antwerpen, BEL @ Hof Ter Loo
Apr. 17 - Tilburg, NETH @ 013

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Obituary : getting ready for the European tour

John Tardy posted this :

"Our focus now shifts towards getting ready for our European Tour set for January. Over the summer we did lots of festivals over seas, but for most of them the new CD was not out yet so we didn't play much of the new stuff. We now have a whole new set that is filled with new songs and it is gonna be heavy!!! See you in January!!!

Frozen in Time Tour - 2006

Date, Country, City, Venue

Jan-06 Holland, Weert, Bosuil
Jan-07 Holland, Zoetermeer, Boerderi
Jan-08 England, London, The Mean Fiddler
Jan-09 Ireland, Dublin, Temple Bar Music Centre
Jan-11 France, Paris, La Locomotive
Jan-12 Germany, Frankfurt, Batschkapp
Jan-13 Belgium, Antwerpen, Hof Ter Loo
Jan-14 France, Limoges, CC John Lennon
Jan-15 France, Rennes, Cite
Jan-17 Germany, Hamburg, Markthalle
Jan-18 Germany, Berlin, SO36
Jan-19 Germany, Cologne, Live Music Hall
Jan-20 Germany, Losheim/Saar, Eisenbahnhalle
Jan-21 Germany, Glauchau, Alte Spinnerei
Jan-23 Italy, Milan, Rolling Stone
Jan-24 Italy, Rome, Alpheus
Jan-25 Italy, Treviso, New Age Club
Jan-27 Spain, Barcelona, Razzmatazz 2
Jan-28 Spain, Madrid, Aqualung
Jan-29 Spain, Bergara, Jam
Jan-30 France, Toulouse, SDF Bikini
Jan-31 Switzerland, Pratteln, Z7
Feb-01 Germany, Ludwigsburg, Rockfabrik

I have been getting a lot of email from our fans here in the U.S. We have not forgotten about you and we are working on setting up more shows in the U.S., South America and Canada. Hopefully I will know more about this shortly and I will let you know as soon as I do."

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Usurper : Tijuana live report

Usurper bassist / drunk, Jon Necromancer had this to say about Usurper's Tijuana concert:

"We flew out on Friday at 12:30. We all got to the airport at 9:30 am, so we had 3 hours to kill. In typical Usurper fashion we did in the bar. Midway Airport is known for having some of the best bloody marys in Chicago, and we guzzled a shitload. We were pretty well marinated when we stumbled on the plane. I packed a bottle of proscription sleeping pills, foolishly thinking that I was gonna catch a few z's on the plane. I opened them up and gave the other guys one, and took one myself. Then Danny Boy gave me one of his crazy pills that he has to take to keep from punching out the teeth of everyone he meets. That was the last thing I remember on the flight, though I've been told it was quite a trip.

The rest of this is purely hearsay! Apparently, I took the rest of the bottle of sleeping pills and washed it down with my loaded flask of whiskey. (Later I confirmed that not only did I have no pills left, but also no whiskey!) Instead of knocking me out, it had the opposite effect. I was told that I was a wildman on the plane, and was pissing off everyone. Carcass Chris was hitting on some chick at the front of the plane. I packed a sandwich for the flight so I could snack on something. I guess I smashed the sandwich to the size of a baseball, walked up to Chris and said, "Dinner is SERVED!" and threw the thing right at his nuts. I was so incoherent that they had to wheel me off the plane in San Diego in a wheelchair. Anthony, the promoter from Command of Death Unity met us at the airport and thought it was a sick joke at first. But, he learned pretty quick that he was in for a long weekend. I have no memory of the airport, or crossing the border into Tijuana.

I "came to" while stumbling down Revolucion Ave at 12:30 at night. All of a sudden I had no idea where I was, how I got there, where the band was, or where we were staying. I called Jimmy, our roadie/special ed monitor, and they came and collected me. Most of the band went with Anthony straight to a bar where the Tecate and Jager were flowing in rivers. That was a most excellent buzz we put on, with metal cranking in the backround. When we got back to the hotel, for some reason me and Joe, and Jimmy weren't very tired if you know what I mean, so we kept at it 'till 7 or 8:00. Around 4:30 AM Anthony collected Joe and brought him back across to the border to get a bag he forgot at the airport. They were in very rough shape when they left.

Dan woke us up at 9:30. Me and him got in an arguement first thing in the morning, but we patched it up and decided to go out for some AM drinks. We stopped at every bar we passed and drank beers, and had a few tacos. It was excellent. We even took a picture in front of a donkey together in sombreros. Ain't love grand?!?! We bumped into Rigor and Chris in a bar doing the exact same thing we were doing, so we joined forces.

As morning turned into afternoon we remembered that we were supposed to go to Last Temptation Records to do some meet and greet thing. We continued to drown ourselves there, and now the memory gets hazy. We walked across the street to the venue and met everyone there. When it was time to do soundcheck we realized we lost Dan somewhere during the day. No one is really sure exactly when, but some defense mechanism snapped in his brain and he stumbled back to the hotel and passed out, so we soundchecked without him and took turns immitating him in his mic for his part of the soundcheck. It was hilarious. Afterwards me and Rick were walking back to the hotel, when we saw Dan coming the other way. He had this "Duh, where am I?" look on his face.

The show itself kicked ass. We played some songs we hadn't played live in 6 or 7 years, so it was cool to be able to do those in front of the rabid die-hard fans that were there. It was one of those nights where the crowd was the total driving force behind the set. At some point during the day I had picked up this beer holster. Its a leather holster that holds a beer with "Coors" boldly embossed in the leather. I though it would be great on stage, so right before we went on I put on this rediculous thing, cracked open a fresh Tecate and shoved it in there. I'm running around on stage and headbanging like a freak, and there's just beer showering all over the place (mostly on Chris and his pedals). After the first song Jimmy runs onstage, yoinks the beer out and shoke his finger at me with a loud "NO!". I guess if you act like a child, you'll be treated like one.

Strangely, after the show me, Rick, Joe, and Jimmy weren't tired. You'd think after all that we'd be ready for a nap, but it was as if there was something keeping us awake. Something very powerful indeed. So we stayed up until an hour before we were supposed to leave to go back to the airport. When we walked down to the hotel lobby, we saw Dan out the window, laying in the back of a pick-up truck, spilling beer all over his face and drunkenly yelling at everyone. He was completely covered in black magic marker. We couldn't get him out so we just piled all our gear on top of him. Eventually he crawled out like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and piled into the van for the trip back across the border.

At the aiport the guys checked in (me and Joe took a train to LA to party for a few more daze, which is another story all together). This time though it was Carcass' turn to be out of hand on the airplane. I guess the flight attendant was some gay guy who kept hitting on Chris by giving him free drinks the whole flight. Not being one to turn down a drink, Chris took total advantage of it. During the final approach he stood up and announced to the plane, "I gotta take a shit!". As soon as he closed the shitter door, the plane hit all this turbulence. It raddled the door pretty bad. Chris was so fucked up he ran out of there and accused everyone of banging on the door while he was in there, like everyone was playing a joke on him. Some joke.

I'm sure that by this time poor Rick was ready to fire his entire band for being a bunch of fucking alcoholic/drug addict losers who couldn't control themselves out of a wet paper bag if they had to. Sorry bro.
Anthony and all the gang at Command of Death Unity deserve some kind of fucking medal for putting up with us and being so cool and patient the entire time. They were fucking unbelievable, and also just as much a part of the debauchery as we were. True fucking warriors. A lot more happened down there, but it was basically more of the same. "
- Jon (Usurper)

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Decapitated : Martin and Covan parted ways with Decapitated

Right after the US and Canadian tour in November/ December Martin (bass) and Covan (vocals) have parted ways with DECAPITATED.

Under this location you can listen to all the songs from DECAPITATED's upcoming album entitled "Organic Hallucinosis"! The album will be released in Europe on the 13th of February 2006 (7th Feb. in the US) via Earache Records.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Vomitory : new guitarist found

We are happy to announce that Peter Ostlund has joined Vomitory as a permanent guitarist after Ulf Dalegren's departure a couple of months ago. A few might know Peter from the bay-area influenced thrash band, The Law.

This is drummer Tobias Gustafsson's comment:

I am really happy that Peter Ostlund has joined Vomitory! We in the band have known him for some years now and we knew that he's a kick-ass guitarist, a riff-machine and a really cool guy, so I'm sure he will fit perfectly! Peter's skills will add a new side to our sound in a very positive way and I am thrilled to start working on the new material for the next album with Peter in the band.

Welcome on board, Peter!

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Macabre : DVD sample available

Chicago "murder metal" legends MACABRE will release a DVD, entitled "True Tales of Slaughter and Slaying", in early 2006. A rough-edit sample is available for download at (Quicktime required, 21 MB).

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Monday, December 12, 2005

Dissection : The Rebirth is over!

A few words from Jon Nodtveidt:

A few words to all you out there, whom this might concern... As you all heard, the Rebirth is now over...Has the band split up? No. We are now heading into a new phase, a darker phase, which might reveal the unexpected, for some at least, and for sure a few secrets as well… How it will manifest? I’m sure you all will see eventually. It might have been predicted by those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. For this is in no way a new path for us, exploring the unknown as always... yet this time one step further towards the only one goal. Since the path we are treading now fast is burning and turning towards an end, I want to take the opportunity to say... This is the end that we long have awaited… an end holding a new beginning. The beginning that in itself might be the inevitable end!

Blackest Regards,

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Enforsaken : Final track listing for Sinner's Intuition

The Sinner's Intuition recording sessions are coming to a close, and the album is set to be mastered next week by Collin Jordan at Chicago's Boiler Room Studios. Collin has worked with Ministry, Gravity Kills and many more. The final track listing is as follows:


Found on : Enforsaken

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Cannibal Corpse : tracklist revealed

CANNIBAL CORPSE bassist Alex Webster has released the complete track listing for the group's upcoming album, "Kill", tentatively due on March 21, 2006 via Metal Blade Records.

"Kill" track listing:

01. The Time To Kill Is Now
02. Make Them Suffer
03. Murder Worship
04. Submerged In Boiling Flesh
05. Five Nails Through The Neck
06. Purification By Fire
07. Death Walking Terror
08. Barbaric Bludgeonings
09. The Discipline Of Revenge
10. Brain Removal Device
11. Necrosadistic Warning
12. Maniacal
13. Infinite Misery

This may not be the exact order of the songs for the album, but it should be pretty close.

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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sinister : entered studio

Reunited Dutch death metallers SINISTER entered Stage One Studio in Germany on December 5 to begin recording their new album, "Afterburner", for an early 2006 release through Nuclear Blast Records. The recording sessions are expected to last two weeks.

SINISTER's current line-up consists of Aad Kloosterwaard, drummer and founder of the band, on vocals, Alex Paul on guitar, and Paul Beltman (Ex-JUDGEMENT DAY) on drums. A session bass player will be added when the band hits the road again.

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Torture Killer : signs to Metalblade Records

Metal Blade Records is happy to announce the signing of TORTURE KILLER from Finland! TORTURE KILLER features Chris Barnes of SIX FEET UNDER fame on vocals!

Lets have a word from the band about all this:

" Well, we never would’ve expected where we would stand with this band in 2005 when we first started playing together under the name of TORTURE KILLER. A lot of the interviews we did to promote the debut album "For Maggots To Devour" asked if we knew what the SIX FEET UNDER guys and especially Chris Barnes thought about us. After all, the link between us and his work with 6FU is more than obvious. Truthfully, we kinda wondered that ourselves as well. Well, now we know.

Chris contacted us last October (2004) with a very supportive and friendly note. The name TORTURE KILLER caught his attention and was intrigued enough to check us out - finding us in the difficult situation we were at with the line up. Now, we are proud to announce him as the new TORTURE KILLER vocalist and that he will be handling the vocals on "Swarm!" - the renamed 2nd album. Here’s what he has to say about it:

I’m very happy to announce that I have joined the band TORTURE KILLER full time. These guys are some of the best musicians I have ever been involved with, and I am 100% intent on using all my resources and energy to help propel this band to the top of the death metal food chain. I am extremely pleased with the songs we’ve put together for the cd ‘Swarm!’, and I can’t wait to get out on tour with the band and kill every one of you sick fuckers!!! See you soon.' - Barnes

With a back catalogue including death metal classics such as "Butchered At Birth", "Tomb Of The Mutilated", "The Bleeding", "Haunted" and "Maximum Violence" it is obvious that the eyes of death metal fans will be on us - in good and bad.

We are also happy and proud to announce that we are now signed to the legendary Metal Blade Records. The basic tracks for "Swarm!" were recorded way back in January 2005, Chris did his vocals at The Hit Factory, Florida in May/June with Chris Carroll and the album was mixed and mastered by Chris and Erik Rutan on October. Not only that, the cover artwork is done by our favorite artist Wes Benscoter (covers for such bands as MORTICIAN and VEHEMENCE) who gave the album the visual impact it needed.


Chris Barnes - Vocals
Jari Laine - Guitars
Tuomas Karppinen - Guitars
Kim Torniainen - Bass
Tuomo Latvala - Drums

Swarm!” will be released on the 24th of February, 2006 via Metal Blade Records in Europe (on the 21st of February in Germany)!

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Cannibal Corpse : title for new album

Hey everybody, since word seems to be out, we figured we'd make it official. Our new album will be entitled "Kill". Also, although everybody probably already had figured this out, we'll make it official as well: Guitarist has Rob Barrett rejoined as a permanent member. He has contributed a song to the new album as well. OK, check back in a few days for the track listing and some other info.


Found on : Official Cannibal Corpse forum

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Decapitated : release date set for new album

Earache Records has set a February 7 ,2006 U.S> release date (February 13 internationally) for the new DECAPITATED album, "Organic Hallucinosis". Download a sample cut, "A Poem about an Old Prison", at this location. Additional music from the CD can be heard by clicking here. The follow-up to 2004's "The Negation" was recorded at Hertz Studio in Bialystok, Poland with producers Slawek and Wojtek Wieslawski and features artwork and layout by Seth (ROTTING CHRIST, PARADISE LOST).

To listen to 'Organic Hallucinosis' online, please visit the online player.

Found on : Blabbermouth

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

REVIEW: Arsebreed - Munching The Rotten

'Stabbed in the arse', 'Impregnated while giving birth', 'Rectal vomit',...

I guess you know what to expect when you read these songtitles. unhealthy dose of unrelenting, US-style brutal death metal. There are a lot of bands trying to get this kind of shit right, but many fail to get the job done. However, with these dutch dudes, there is hope. With this album, Arsebreed (love the name!) have created an ugly (can't say beautiful, can i?) piece of work combining all elements which make this kind of music work: blasting drums, over-the-top riffing, guttural vocals and disgusting lyrics. All of this dipped in a crystal-clear (could use a little bit more bass though) production.
Maybe it's good to know that the vocals are done by Joey of Pyaemia and Robbe K from Disavowed. Quality assured. What i can't say is that the guys in Arsebreed are delivering something new. It' s been done before, of course. But if US-style brutal death would be a major course in university, they would have graduated...first of the class.
Fans of this style should get this...NOW!

Homepage : Arsebreed

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Bolt Thrower : tour dates

Bolt Thrower, Malevolent Creation, Nightrage, and Necrophagist will be touring Europe this winter. Here are the dates:

1/04 Enschede, Holland @ Atak
1/05 Hamburg, Germany @ Markthalle
1/06 Leipzig, Germany @ Hellraiser
1/07 Berlin, Germany @ SO36
1/08 Stavenhagen, Germany @ Tankhaus
1/09 Warsaw, Poland @ Proxima
1/10 Krakow, Poland @ Extreme
1/11 Prague, Czech Republic @ Rock Café
1/12 Munich, Germany @ Backstage
1/13 Wels, Austria Alter @ Schlachthof
1/14 Vienna, Austria @ Planet Music
1/15 Budapest, Hungary @ Blue Hell
1/16 Zagreb, Croatia @ Mochvara
1/18 Prato, Italy @ Anomalia Club
1/19 Brescia, Italy @ La Sfinge
1/20 Wil, Switzerland @ Remise
1/21 Andernach, Germany @ Juz
1/22 Groningen, Holland @ Vera
1/23 Osnabruck, Germany @ N8
1/24 Rotterdam, Holland @ Baroeg
1/25 Nijmegen, Holland @ Doornroosje
1/26 Essen, Germany @ Zeche Carl
1/27 Cottbus, Germany @ Glad-House
1/28 Hanau, Germany @ Halle 2
1/29 Hasselt, Belgium @ Musiek-O-Drom
1/30 Paris, France @ La Locomotive
2/01 Pratteln, Switzerland @ Z7
2/02 Stuttgradt, Germany @ Rohre
2/03 Bad Salzungen, Germany @ Kallewerk
2/04 Trier, Germany @ Exil
2/05 Haarlem, Holland @ Patronaat

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Council Of The Fallen : finished recording

Council Of The Fallen, the band featuring Kevin Quirion on bass/guitar/vocals and Derek Roddy (Hate Eternal) on drums, have finished recording bass, guitars and drums for their new album, tentatively due in early 2006. Entitled "An Examination of Being", the CD is being recorded at Derek's personal studio in Deerfield Beach, FL with Roddy at the production helm.

"An Examination of Being" track listing:

01. Intropsection and the Loss of Denial
02. Reflection, an Endless Endeavour
03. New Dawn Emerging
04. Bloodoath
05. As If a Rose I Wither
06. Scars upon My Flesh
07. the Mirror
08. Deterioration Edict
09. As Long as I Have Myself I Am Not Alone

Council Of The Fallen's last album, "Deciphering the Soul", was released in 2004 through Season Of Mist. They have since split with the company and are currently seeking a new label home.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Venom : title set for new album

British black metal pioneers VENOM have set "Metal Black" as the title of their new studio album, due in March 2006 via Castle Records/Sanctuary Group.

According to an official press release, "Metal Black" "sees original founder band member Cronos creating a new masterpiece of metal together with [drummer] Antton and [guitarist] Mykvs. With 14 brand new roaring and vital tracks, VENOM are again taking the goat by the horns and reinventing their own original style . . . 'Metal Black' [is] an album that harkens back to the writing style of the '80s VENOM with a powerful production to incinerate any sound system, truly demonic in every sense and with the delivery of a charging beast."

Commented Mykvs: "The album has a very raw feel. The intensity of the songs is awesome. We recorded the album as a live band, three demons bleeding for the heaviest metal we could create, and our new album will show that VENOM keeps getting stronger and heavier. Lay down your souls, muthafuckers, we have returned."

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Melechesh : new drummer

Israel's black/thrash metal combo MELECHESH have announced the addition of drummer Xul (THANATOS, ABODE OF THE BLESSED, LIAR OF GOLGOTHA) to the group's ranks. "Xul is a tremendously talented drummer with outstanding technical ability," founding member Ashmedi said in a statement. MELECHESH have been working on new material with Xul for the last year. Prior to joining MELECHESH on a full-time basis, Xul performed with the band at various gigs and festivals where he proved his drumming capabilities by offering flawless and exceptional performances. Commented Xul: "I am honored to finally be part of this cult. Playing with MELECHESH is an enriching experience both on a musical and on an ideological level."

Homepage : Melechesh

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Mayhem : banned in Malaysia

Norwegian black metal group Mayhem will not be allowed to perform in Malaysia because it promotes “unacceptable” values, Deputy Cultural, Arts and Heritage Minister Datuk Wong Kam Hoong said.

“I assure you that the ministry will do all it can to prevent this group from coming in,” he said in Parliament yesterday.

He said he had seen the group's song lyrics and felt disgusted by them.

An advertisement had appeared in a local newspaper saying that the group would be performing at an entertainment joint in Kuala Lumpur on Feb 4.

Responding to concerns raised by Idris Haron (BN – Tangga Batu) while winding-up the Budget 2006 debate at committee stage, Wong said Mayhem’s application had not reached Puspa, the agency in charge of allowing foreign groups to perform in Malaysia.

Idris said the group promoted Satanic worship and drug use, as could be seen from its motto “Bringing hell to your doorstep” and their song titles included Carnage, A Time to Die and Deathcrush.

He also said that a group called “Say No to Black Metal” would hold a demonstration if Mayhem was allowed to perform here.

Found on : The Star Online

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