Wednesday, November 23, 2005

REVIEW: The Project Hate MCMXCIX - armageddon march eternal (symphony of slit wrists)

Christianity according to The Project Hate: Jesus was a big son of a bitch, Mary was a filthy whore, the bible is cursed and christians are a bunch of retarded weak-assed losers. There you have it. What more can i add to this?

The latest effort from Sweden's professional Haters is called 'Armageddon March Eternal (symphony of slit wrists)'. With this record, they develop their unique blend of styles even further. In brief: slick female vocals, brick-heavy and gritty downtuned guitars, spooky synths, fat grunts and occasional breakbeats to spice things up a bit.

For those of you looking for easy-to-get-into songs: this record is a disaster. Other people who are looking for more complex songwriting and tons of variation: eat your heart out, because this one's got it all! Also, songs are not exactly short (+/- 8 minutes), making sure you get your rightful dose of violent, theatrical, stylish but H-H-Heavy death metal. There is never a sign of tediousness or repeating. The songs are of those kind which make a blistering u-turn when you least expect it. Adventurous listening guaranteed!

I, for one, have thoroughly inspected and enjoyed this album. Still listening to it and highly recommending it.

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