Thursday, November 24, 2005

Psycroptic : signs deal with Neurotic Records

Australia's number one export product PSYCROPTIC have just signed a multiple album recording agreement with NEUROTIC RECORDS. This deal will have immediate effect in the release of their third full length album, to be entitled "Symbols Of Failure", which is scheduled for a February 2006 release. Some song titles to appear on the album, in no particular order, are: "Our Evolutionary Architecture", "An Experiment In Transience", "Repairing The Dementional Cluster".

PSYCROPTIC, who create a form of extreme metal not bound to any genre, but highly appreciated in many, are done recording the follow up of 2003's "The Scepter Of The Ancients", which will mark the recording debut of new astounding vocalist Jason Peppiatt. "Symbols Of Failure" is currently being mixed by guitarist Joe Haley, who was also responsible for the flawless recording of the album. Mastering duties will commence right after, and everything will be topped of with amazing cover artwork and layout by brilliant artist Par Olofsson.

PSYCROPTIC drummer David Haley comments: "We are more than excited to release our 3rd album for all to hear on Neurotic Records. So much hard work, time and effort has been put into this release from the song writing process, the recording and all the way to the artwork and packaging. All in PSYCROPTIC agree that this is the best material we have ever done. We cannot wait to get out and play these songs live!"

Ruud Lemmen, founder of NEUROTIC RECORDS adds: "This band is so unique, not only in the insane and crazy songwriting but also in the immense instrumental capabilities the members of PSYCROPTIC embody. We are very happy to be able to work with this band, and obviously we expect quite a lot of this raging Tasmanian quartet."

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