Monday, November 28, 2005

Necrophobic : In the studio

Today, we started the recording of the new, fifth full length album. We will try to run a regular update regarding the progress of the recording process right here on the website. No titles of either the album or any songs will be released at this moment, but as soon as it's time for it, you will get the information here.
There are a lot of new things happening right now. The studio we're using for this album is a total unknown studio. It's called Dark Voodoo Studio and we will work with new persons as well. The engineering parts will be done by Anders Bentell and Fredrik Folkare (the later known for being guitarist and producer of Unleashed).

Apart from that, we will also have a new record label for this new album. We recently ended the deal of any forthcoming new albums with Karmageddon Media (ex Hammerheart Records). More revelaling stuff regarding this matter later on, as well as a possible release schedule/release date.

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