Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Legion : finishing mastering Revokation

Swedish black blasters THE LEGION have finished mastering their upcoming album 'Revokation' at Tailor Maid studios in Sweden "Revokation" was recorded in Art Decay studio and Endarker studios during the summer of 2005.

The album is a collection of 9 furious and very dark sounding songs and has a total duration of 46 minutes.
The song titles are as follow :
1. Grotesque Savior
2. Virtue of Sin
3. Annihilation Chaos
4. Horror Vacui
5. Impious Gathering
6. Bloodgate
7. Deadlight Afterglow
8. Carnal Harvest
9. Nocturnal Apparition

Watch out for THE LEGION on tour in 2006 !

Found on : Listenable records

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