Saturday, November 19, 2005

Bolt Thrower : condemn 'Realm Of Chaos' reissue

Bolt Thrower condemn Earache 'Realm of Chaos' Reissue

We would like to make it known that this re-release of 'Realm Of Chaos' is by Arseache Records and done without our consent and against our permission.

They are making money off the back of the new album 'Those Once Loyal', as they have done previously with the release of 'Who Dares Wins', again released without our consent or permission.

Bolt Thrower will see no royalties and the money will line the pockets of that lip licker Digby Pearson. Its a cheap shot, and quite sad to see how low a record company can stoop, once they where good, now they are nothing. The new cover is not a patch on the original.

We urge all loyal BT supporters to boycott this product...spread the word!!!

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