Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Nasum members form new project

Nasum drummer Anders Jakobson has revealed that he and other former Nasum members Urban Skytt and Jon Lindqvist are starting a new project, which will ultimately include Jesper Liverod, another Nasum alumnus. Here's what Jakobson had to say about the development:

"It's all ex-Nasum members in this project, and yes, there will be a great amount of grinding done, but no - this is not Nasum part 2, this is just a couple of friends who happen to like playing together catching up and making some music at the same time.I'll tell you more when there is something more to tell, this weekend we'll just write some songs I guess and see what happens. A recording is planned sometime, but nothing more than that."

Found on : Lambgoat

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