Monday, October 03, 2005

Dawn Of Azazel : new album released by Ibex Moon Records in late October

666 hails!
Our Second album has finally been completed and will be named "Sedition".
We have 2 preview tracks online
"Swathed in Impurity" and "Master of the Strumpets" . You can also check out the album cover here.
We're also happy to announce that Sedition will be released in the US through Ibex Moon Records in late October. Its a great honour for us to be signed by the label run by one of the Godfathers of Death Metal, and were also happy to announce Our US deal includes a substantial US tour which we hope to undertake in the first half of 2006.
We will be shooting a video for The Road to Babalon next week, and we are now looking for a European label to sign with for the release of the album in the European territories. Interested labels can contact us at
"Sedition" tracklisting

01.Spare None
02.Swathed in Impurity
03.The Road to Babalon
04.Descent into Eminence
05.Villany Endures
07.Violence and Uncleanleness
08.Sin (Amoungst the Kings)
09.Master of the Strumpets

Found on : Dawn Of Azazel

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