Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bolt Thrower : Those once loyal

2 new songs from Bolt Throwers's upcoming new album, Those Once Loyal, can be found here.

Bolt Thrower's 8th studio album is to be titled 'Those Once Loyal' and will be released on Metal Blade Records on the 11th November (Germany), 14th November (the rest Europe) and 15th November (US). .

The tracklist is as follows:

The Once Loyal

  1. At First Light
  2. Entrenched
  3. The Killchain
  4. Granite Wall
  5. Those Once Loyal
  6. Anti-Tank (Dead Armour)
  7. Last Stand of Humanity
  8. Salvo
  9. When Cannons Fade

The Limited Edition digipak version of the album will also feature the bonus track "A Symbol of Eight".

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