Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Amon Amarth : Metal Blade 10th anniversary show filmed for DVD

We just got home from an awesome weekend we spent partying at Metal Blade Europe's 10th anniversary. Saturday we were taken to a genuine german beergarten including lots and lots of beer, standing on the tables, arm wrestling and roller coasting! On Sunday at the actual party we had an excellent time where we did an exclusive set, including some stuff we haven't played live for a very long time! For instance, how about; "Sorrow throughout the nine worlds", "god, his son and holy whore", "thor arise", "...and soon the world will cease to be" and a cover of six feet under's "revenge of the zombie" - with backing vocals by none less then Brian Slagel, and of course Michael and co. from the metal blade Europe office! But don't worry if you were not able to see the show, it was all recorded and will be included in the DVD, together with the special Köln show, which will be released early next year!

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