Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Vinnie Paul speaks

Former PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN drummer Vinnie Paul was recently interviewed by Guitar World magazine for its December 2005 issue. In the interview Vinnie spoke about many subjects, including the possibility of a PANTERA reunion prior to Dimebag's death and the status of unreleased video and audio recordings of Dimebag. Among the things Vinnie said:

Vinnie confirmed that he has started a record label that will release a "DIMEvision" DVD and the DAVID ALAN COE/PANTERA project REBEL MEETS REBEL around Christmas.

Vinnie stated that there was never going to be a PANTERA reunion, even before the tragedy with Dime. Vinnie said, "Let's make this clear once and for all: for any fan out there that believed any of the bullshit said by certain people, there never was gonna be a PANTERA reunion, ever."

* Vinnie also informed us that DAMAGEPLAN had songs written and recorded for their sophmore album. Vinnie says he doesn't know what he is going to do with the material. " Vinnie said, "Either I'll have some of Dime's favorite singers sing on 'em and turn them into jams, or maybe Pat (Lachman, ex-DAMAGEPLAN) will sing on them and it'll be DAMAGEPLAN 2. I don't know yet. Right now they're magic that hopefully someday everybody will get to hear, and as long as I'm around I think eventually they will get heard."

Vinnie also talked about the pre-"Cowboys from Hell" PANTERA albums, Anselmo-era PANTERA albums, Dime getting asked to join MEGADETH, how PANTERA got signed to Atco, Meeting Alex and Eddie Van Halen, and his own musical future. Vinnie said, "I've got to find the right situation."

Vinnie also talked about the tragedy involving Dime. Vinnie had a special request he wanted everyone to hear. Vinnie said, "I have a hard time believeing that some nut job just shot the best friend I have ever had for no reason. So, I'd just like to spread the message to anybody out there, that if you know or hear anything about it, please contact the authorities and let 'em know what you know."

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