Friday, September 23, 2005

Small Obituary interview with John Tardy

I was surfing the web (like I always too) and came across Obituary's site. Since I'm a fucking huge fan of Obituary I was curious if John would answer my email. I asked him a few questions.... next time the mail will be a lot more structured.... Anyways BIG THANKS TO JOHN!!

Here are the questions :
- what was the motivation for this comeback
- it was always a matter of time before we got going so it is no suprise to me. We just felt the time was right and were ready to get going again.
- did you guys felt any pressure releasing Frozen In Time because you guys are one of the deathmetal godfather's.
Thank you. Not really. We just always do what we like to do and when we like to do it. We know we can't make everyone happy - change to much, not change enought - so we don't even try.
- how was touring Europe (do you guys remember Belgium or not)
Belgium was great! The festivals in Europe are always a lot of fun but also a lot of work for us and travel!
- do you guys prefer club shows or festivals
they both have good and bad about them. The big crowds are nice and playing with bands like Slayer, Iron Maiden and Motorhead rules!!! But it is a lot of travel and work for us because we do not "tour" Europe in the summer. Too many other bands to compete with so we have all these festival spread out that we try to do.
- whats the band opinion on the nowadays metal scene (any good bands around? or stick to the old school?)
When it comes to Metal I am definately old school! I like my Slayer, Frost and Venom..sorry but I just don't listen to that much new stuff!...Frozen in Time...
- Favourite Obituary release?
I really think our new album is the best and heaviest thing we have done.
- craziest show story?
Big Al pasted out for a photo shoot! We held him up to do the photos.

Thanks for the support and see you around...John Tardy

Thank you John for this small interview. I'll see you soon when you guys are touring with Samael.

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