Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Serbian promotor blames NILE for cancelled Belgrade show

Konstantin Polzovic, chief editor of regional Metal Hammer magazine for Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, has issued the following statement on behalf of Awaken Booking, the company responsible for arranging NILE's aborted concert in Belgrade, Serbia on September 23:

"We were supposed to organize NILE's show on their current European tour, on 23th of September. [On Thursday, Sept. 22], one day before the show, we got information that the band was stuck on Slovenian/Croatian border and that they couldn't cross Croatia as they didn't have the papers required to bring all the stuff they were carrying on their tour bus. Of course, we called the [booking agency for the tour, Belgium's Metallysee] and told [them] that they could simply skip Croatia by going over Hungary (bordering country with Slovenia, see the map please!) and easlly come to Serbia where we would fix all the paperwork in 5 minutes and they would freely enter Serbia.

"The band and [the booking agency] decided not to go here as they saw it as a risk, canceling the show in Serbia and going to Greece by the ferry! They [ignored] our calls that we already had 200 pre-sold tickets here, that there was tons of fans coming from Macedonia and Bulgaria as well! Simply, they canceled the show and that's it! No matter what, no matter that we're not the same country, no matter that they can enter our country!

"The biggest absurdity is that [booking agency],
Metallysee, organized several shows in Serbia and Croatia in the past and all the time they simply didn't follow all rules with papers. They knew that they needed it and again they didn't arrange this.

"We simply wanted to say it, write it here, as we as part who organize the show here stayed 101% stuck with everything just because of one thing, total lack of professionalim [on the part] of Metalysee! And NILE as band showed to their AMAZING Serbian true fans that they simply don't care about them!!!

"We're clean here, and them... it's on you who read it to make your decision!"

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