Friday, September 16, 2005

Last day of vacation

This is the last day of my vacation. Monday I need to start working again after 3 weeks of lazyness. I don't really look forward to it but as a lot off you guys do, I need to earn some cash.

My day probably will start with shaking hands with more then 40 peeps (or I should start earlier so they can come to me). After that I'll read my mail from the last 3 weeks.I probably read some interesting mails but I'm quite sure there will be a lot more uninteresting mails.

After that it will be time for my coffee break.

15 minutes later I'll start working on a project I started before the holidays. I'll be using a lot of BusinnesObjects and Excel.

At 12:45 I'll be taking my break till 13.15.
At 13:30 I have a meeting with my boss till 14.30.
After that I can work some more on my project and my guess is I'll be leaving at 4PM.

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