Thursday, September 15, 2005

Added some band links

I added some band links on the side-bar. If you have some bands you wanna see added, just write me an email at
or just comment here.

Right now I'm listening to Death - Leprosy. I think Death was one of the most influential bands for the deathmetal scene. They played a complex and highly technical style of deathmetal.
The band was formed somewhere in 1983 (first as Mantas, in 1984 they changed it to Death). The line-up of the band changed a lot but Chuck Schuldiner has always been the main man of the band. Chuck always collected some great musicians around him like Steve DiGiorgio, Gene Hoglan and many more.
In 1999 Chuck was diagnosed with a brain tumor. After more then 2 years of struggling he died on the 13th of December 2001.

RIP Chuck

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