Friday, April 07, 2006

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

VENOM : Entire New Album Available For Streaming

VENOM's entire new album, "Metal Black", is available for streaming at Due in North America on April 4 via Sanctuary Records, the CD was mixed at the Townhouse Studios in London and contains 14 new songs, including "Antechrist", the demo for which can be heard at this location.

As previously reported, VENOM recorded a session for the BBC at London's Maida Vale studios, which was slated for broadcast on Radio 1 before the end of March. This is the second recording by VENOM since 1985, when they recorded four tracks for Tommy Vance's "Friday Rock Show".

VENOM recorded the following songs during the latest session:

01. Welcome To Hell
02. Metal Black
03. Antechrist
04. Witching Hour

VENOM have lined up a number of European dates during the coming months, with tentative plans to play seven U.S. shows late spring with DEVILDRIVER in the main-support slot.

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Hate Eternal : Derek Roddy resign as a member

"Real life situations have forced me to resign as a member of HATE ETERNAL.

I can on longer afford the expenses of touring. I have put MUCH thought into this for the last several years and kept coming to this conclusion. I must be able to afford the quality of life that I enjoy, and thus far... touring in extreme bands has not allowed me to do anything other than go into a financial hole. Every tour has put me in financial burden. Now, I'm not complaining (because I never expected to 'make it' playing metal) But, I cannot continue to pay to do it either!!! Too expensive. Besides, I value the scene and would rather GIVE my music away than be insulted at the end of the year with a $600.00 royalty check! This, in NO WAY, means I won't be recording and releasing extreme music. In fact, you will hear more from me (as I now have the freedom to do what I want when I want.)

I wish Hate Eternal the best of luck."

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Arsis : new album update

The writing for Arsis' next full length album is now complete. It will contain 8 brand new originals and a bonus cover song. Mike will be recording the drum tracks March 27-29 at Max Trax Studios in New York, and Jim will be recording everything else shortly after the band gets back from their upcoming tour with Necrophagist. The album will be out later this year in North America on Willowtip Records, and the rest of the world on Earache Records. More info to be announced in the coming months.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Necrophobic : news on new album

Swedish veteran death/thrash metallers NECROPHOBIC have posted this message on their official website:

"In the beginning of this month, the album ("Hrimthursum") got mastered, which basically means that it runs through a big equalizer and exportated to be able to create CDs and vinyls from a master recording. It was mastered at Tailor Maid Production here in Stockholm (Sweden), by Peter In de Betou.

A short correction: The studio we've recorded our album in is House of Voodoo Studio and nothing else."

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Visceral Bleeding : Studio time been booked

Great news, studio time has been booked to record the follow up to 2004s success album "Transcend info Ferocity". Recording will begin early June and tentative release date has been set for September/October and will be followed by a full European tour.

The new album (as of yet untitled) will be the most devastating death metal unleashed by the band so far. Peter and Tobbe are working hard to finalise the setlist and so far the material is sounding great, fast and technical but this time with a larger range and more diversity.

Keep your eyes open for more details.

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Dim Mak : Releasing new album

Reformed New Jersey death metal band DIM MAK, featuring former members of the legendary RIPPING CORPSE and drummer extraordinaire John Longstreth (ex-ORIGIN, THE RED CHORD, ANGELCORPSE, SKINLESS), will release their new album, "Knives of Ice", on April 25 via Willowtip Records. According to a press release, "Knives of Ice" sets a new standard for unrestrained musicianship that exposes the listener to a myriad of slithery Tetris-defeating rhythms, violent flurries of spitfire blast-beats, exotic, pyramid-melting leads, and infectious vocal lacerations. These elements combine to create an original, fluid songwriting style that actually means something and isn't afraid to flirt with some seriously skullcrushing slap-dash grooves."

"Knives of Ice" track listing:

01. Knives of Ice
02. Seeing Crows in Silver
03. Great Worm of Hell
04. Devil Finding Mirror
05. Incident at the Temple at Leng
06. Notorious Vectors of Disease
07. Weakener
08. Windowpane
09. Perpetuating Corpses
10. Monolith

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Goratory : Sign To Grindethic Records

Alan Glassman of Massachusetts based brutal death metallers GORATORY has issued the following update regarding the band's signing to Grindethic Records:

'So, its official now. There isnt any thing about us on there website yet because we are fat ugly and unimportant. As long as everything goes smoothly, i'll be able to post pictures of our signing bonus pretty soon. i'll explain that later though.

My cock felt like there was a knife shoved in it for almost an hour yesterday after i took a piss. It hasnt done it again since, but seriously, what the fuck.'

In true Grindethic style the contract was drunkenly signed after last years UK tour on 2 sheets of pink toilet paper.

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